A downloadable game for Windows

Plot Brief:

Think Out Of The Box is game about you, a tester, who was hired by a scientist that you don't know since you're still not seeing even a glimpse of the scientist's shadow. But all you know is that you have this job now. The scientist hired you to test the experiments that we're created by the mind, but unfortunately during the testing period the scientist's robot helpers went haywire and wreak havoc throughout the lab even hoping to get to the ground. You we're kept though in a safe area first. Now the safe area will serve as your training ground on your way to learn the several of the experiments that were made, and use it to stop the robots from bringing more chaos.

Install instructions

  1. Download the file.
  2. Extract the zip file anywhere in your windows computer.
  3. Launch the setup.
  4. After the setup finishes, launch the shortcut or the .exe that will be created by the setup.


Think Out Of The Box v1.04b(Public) - Setup.zip 86 MB