A downloadable game

You know you got to escape, but be careful you're not alone.

Lost - A Horror Experience Beta v0.2 is now here at itch.io!

Game's Trailer: http://youtu.be/ijfDU799q3g

This version is mostly feature showcase only so don't expect much, and also since it is in its beta phase, expect some bugs.

Mind too that for this version, I DO NOT TAKE CREDITS FOR SOME OF THE ASSETS I HAVE USED IN THIS VERSION. All rights belong to their respective owners.

Hope you enjoy the game and please do leave feedback, I(I worked solo on this one now) really need them, and that will affect the future BIG updates of the game.

(If you have found any bugs, have some suggestions, or just wanna contact me in anyway you can contact me through this email: aguilar.water@gmail.com)

Install instructions

How to run the game:

1. Download the .rar file and extract it anywhere on your computer. (If you can't extract the file, it seems that you don't have an extraction program, you might wanna download this 7-zip).

2. After extracting run the Lost_Betav0.2b.exe (Note that Lost_Betav0.2a_Data should be in the same directory as the exe file to run the game).

3. After that you'll see a configuration window, adjust the settings base on your desires.

4. Enjoy the game, and be sure to read the controls.

(Note: If you're having issues with the framerate, close the game and adjust the graphics quality settings in the configuration window to good down to fastest until you get a playable framerate, if you still not, you might wanna contact me through this email: aguilar.water@gmail.com, Don't forget to send me also the full specifications of your computer)


Lost_Betav0.2n.rar 73 MB